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    linda wilson
    Problems with usb ports on new Imac G5
    My brand new Imac G5 OSX10.3 is driving me mad as both the printer and scanner do not work properly with it. I have a Hp Deskjet 940C and a Canoscan N124OU both with updated drivers. The only way I can get them to work is if I unplug them from the usb port and then plug them back in - be it directly into the machine or into a powered usb hub. For the printer I then have to reselect it in the chooser. This is each time I restart the computer. I've been in contact with apple support and went through a number of things i.e resetting PRAM and NVRAM this has not solved the problem, in fact my scanner now won't work at all. Anyone got any ideas quick please before I get my sledgehammer out!

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    Don't know what to tell you other than that isn't normal. My wifes iMac G5 works just fine with our hp printer and epson scanner. I'm suprised that apple was not more help. Perhaps you need to give it to them and tell them to either fix it or replace it.
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    I have a 932c which I think is the same basic printer as yours. With the driver from HP's site it works fine everytime I print. I will do some checking around and see if I can find anything out for you.

    You say the scanner is the same way? I like James am using an Epson Perfection and it works everytime no matter what.

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    Check out my post, it's too similar to your problem. In the end, sometimes after plugging the usb cables into the ports; it helps, if you slightly pull the cord away from the port. After that I was able to get my iPod shuffle to work, sometimes. But I also have to use a usb hub.

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    the real thing that ticks me off about my printer with my Mac is that it wont print without a color and a black cartridge in. i don't ever print things with i don't buy it..and now since i got my mac it wont let me print..anyway to go in preferences to stop this from happening? it's an HP 960c..and i have to run Classic to use it

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