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Thread: G4 hard drive upgrade

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    G4 hard drive upgrade
    I have a PowerMac G4 867 Quicksilver tower, M8493, 80G internal hard drive, running 10.3.9, and would like to upgrade to a larger drive and then to 10.5.6. I read that officially, internal drives larger than 128 G are not supported. Is this true for my model, or is there a work around that would allow a drive larger than 128 G? Thanks.

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    yes, that is true, per drive. of course you can add multiple drives. make sure the drive you purchase is IDE/ATA.

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    And the machine will already have the IDE cable in place for a second HDD> Open it up and look. Remember a second drive will need the jumpers set to slave. You can always get around the 128GB limit by installing a PCI Controller Card:-

    ACard ATA/133 PCI RAID Hard Drive Controller... (AEC-6880M) at OWC

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