Hi !

Untill yesterday, I worked with my (old, but reliable) LEAF CANTARE XY digital back on my MAMIYA RZ67 ProII, connected over a SCITEX TAXI2 PCI-card on my PowerMac G4 DualProcessor 1,42GHz.

Recently, I saw an add on ebay from a seller, who sold his XY-system, which he claimed (he also had added photo's to prove it) to use it on his PowerMac G5 DP 2GHz (which have PCI-X slots, just like my (I recently bought it secondhand) PowerMac G5 DP 2,7GHz.

I asked him (before buy´ng the G5) to confirm the use on his G5, which he did (but I lost his e-mail-adres...).
Technically (I did research on many websites) the DP 2GHz has the same slots as a DP 2,7GHz.

BUT: My SCITEX TAXI2-PCI-card does NOT fit into the PCI-X-slots of my G5 (2,7GHz DP)...

What seems to be the problem...?
Does there are different PCI-cards from SCITEX (to connect the system to the G5 or G4)...? Or was the explication of the "seller" a hoax...?

I would like to sell my G4 DP 1,42GHz, since I bought the more powerfull G5 DP 2,7GHz... And use only my G5.

What can be done about this connection-problem...?
Does any-one have experiance with this problem...?
Is there anywhere a PCI-X-version of the SCITEX TAXI2-card to buy...?

I hope someone can help me out...

Kind regards, Herman (Nam-Reh).