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    Looking for 2GB of memory for mini
    I like this forum. With the information from this forum and a few videos, I was able to upgrade my mini hard drive from an 80GB, 4200 rpm, to a 320GB, 5400 rpm, while preserving all my data and making it bootable. Not difficult, just time consuming.

    Now I want to upgrade the memory. This is a G4 mini that uses desktop size memory sticks. It is spec'd for one (1) PC2700 DDR. I currently have 1GB and I would like to increase to 2GB. Is this possible? Does anyone make a 2GB stick PC2700?

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    Your G4 is already maxed out at 1GB.

    If it were possible to upgrade, don't believe you'll find 2GB sticks of DDR.
    At the time it was being used, 1GB was considered to be a pretty loaded system. A quick check of newegg has none. High end RAM that most hardware enthusiasts were using back then was $350 for 2 x 512MB sticks. So not many of us even considered putting 2 GB in a machine.
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    yes the older mac minis can support only 1GB DDR2
    i have a 09 intel Mac mini mine can support up to 4GB but its a DDR3 witch is nice but sucks on the price

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    And not DDR2 for the G4 models but as OP says PC2700. Even if you find a 2GB module think Apple System Profiler would only recognise it as 1GB.

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