Good morning all,
I have2 yr old 20"imac(problemshave existed through 10.5 and10.6). It is connected to the internet via an airport extreme wireless router. Lately, my imac has been experiencing intermittent wireless connectivity problems.

I also have an old ibook laptop which has no wireless connectivity problems.

I would think this is a problem with the imac network card except for the following curious symptom and I would be interested in opinions:

- I can connect via the airport utility, and
- the network appears at moderate-to-full strength, but
- the imac cannot connect to the network

So Icansee the router using the airport utility, the network is detected, but the computer can't connect. Hmmmm?

Do I take this in to get checked out; the airport card replacement is not a DIY unfortunately?

Cheers and TIA.