Hi all.
I am a proud new owner of a wonderful iMac 20' intel with nvidia g9400 video card.
I bought the original mini-display DVI adaptor in order to use my old lcd monitor, a hp pavilion f1723.

When I link the old moniotr to the Mac, the Mac seems to "see" the monitor (the screen becomes blank for a second) and the mouse cursor is able to overcome the "boundary" of iMac screen, BUT

the screen of my old monitor remains black and there is written "Going to sleep", as if it were only plugged to the power supply...!!!

Could it be bue to the fact that the dvi cable of the monitor is DVI-I dual link, while the mac adaptor is DVI-D dual link (I had to bend 4 little pins inside the dvi plug, in order to make it fit the mac adaptor...).

Is there anything I can do? I tried to calibrate the screens, but nothing changed...

Thanks in advance and the best regards