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Thread: iMac G5 Power Failure issue, but past recall

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    iMac G5 Power Failure issue, but past recall
    I recently rescued an iMac G5 from a slow dusty death in a closet at work. I've replaced (and upgraded) the hard drive, and now it randomly shuts off (no noise, no heat) after about 10-15 minutes of use. When I took it back to the place where I got the new drive, they said it ran fine for a few hours under a heavy load - but with a different power supply. I've contacted Apple, but they say the cord is a "service replacement" part, and can't sell me a new cord.

    I found a recall that I think probably applies to my iMac, but it's been closed since December - what do I do? Anyone else had this problem?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Get a different cord and give it a try. 'Different power supply' may well mean your PSU is shot and not just the cord. However always replace the cheapest option first. Good luck.

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