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    They want to switch my Mac for a PC

    I'm in the graphic industry for quit some time and i allways had a Mac. I mostly work with Photoshop and Quark.
    Now, the IT department is trying to replace ours Mac for PC's. So i told them that i need my Mac to stay compatible with others Mac of others buisness, i need my Mac because video is better on a Mac and few other reason. So they did some tests and came back to me with Quarks and Photoshop doc printed by PC's that were almost identical of those printed by my Mac. The used the same fonts on the PC and on the Mac in Quark, and the printed document(Quark) were identical.

    I want to keep Macs in my department, so i'm asking you, what can i tell these IT guys about a new Mac, if i want them to stay with Mac instead of buying PC's?

    Please help


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    Only thing I can think of is, If you are used to a Mac and OSX and it's what you have used for years, changing to Windows could cause issues as there are differences that might slow you down at least at first. I can use both platforms pretty equally but I have used both for many years.

    If you are not used to Windows for sure it would slow you down while you learn. What is their reason to switch to Windows after all these years?

    Both Windows and OSX will do the job especially with Photoshop but the differences in the Windows way of doing things could be a pain to a long time Mac user just like some Windows users complain when they switch to a Mac that everything is different.

    That is the only angle I can think of.

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    2011 13" MBP 2.3ghz, 8gig ram, OS 10.8.5 addition to any other ideas you have, you can use the:

    - Mac's are less prone to virus' less down time
    - Mac's can run both the Mac OS & Windows OS
    - Mac's are "Greener" "FWIW"
    - Apple has great customer service

    Hope this helps,

    - Nick
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    Mac and Windows computers are both perfectly fine for graphics work.
    There really isn't any advantage of one over the other.

    Outside of relaying your own personal preference and lengthy experience with the platform, there really isn't any reason why you would need to keep a Mac in the office.
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    I agree with D3v1L80Y. Years ago, the Mac was light years ahead of the PC with regard to graphics design, photo work, and even things like simple design and writing. However, over time the gap has closed with regard to available software and the capability of the PC. No longer any difference - at least in the office.

    It also make's the job of the IT folks a lot easier when they only have one type of platform to worry about rather than two.

    At home though, nothing beats my Mac!


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    Seems to me that your only legitimate argument is one of lost efficiency. But even then, if that loss doesn't equal or exceed the cost of Mac hardware, software, and the IT department's cost in maintaining OSX qualified staff, then you're sunk.

    You might want to find out which version of Windows you'll be getting, and then buy the appropriate book. windows dummies: Books

    Good luck.

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    Depends on how many fonts you have as well, and how many you use

    If you have a large amount of older Mac postscript fonts you will have to re license them to get OpenType or TrueType versions.

    Older mac fonts (from the OS9 days) store the font information in the resoiurce fork of the file, Windows cannot see any fonts that have resource forks, so they will not work.

    Of course if you only use a limited number of corporate fonts, then that isn't a big issue.

    Our own IT department, while initially cool to the Macs have now learnt to live with them, and are even becomming quite good at support

    But you really have to ask them what their department is for. Is it there to impose standardisation and solutions that they wish, or are they a service department to enable the company employees to get computing tasks done with the best tools for the job?

    Sure, the work can be done using windows, but you may have a frustrating transition, and when it comes to recruiting, new designers may well be put off by having no choice as to the platform they use. I have used both, but am quite sure which platform I would want to use for graphics work every day.

    PLus note: how long have you had those macs, and what is the expected life of the PCs they want to replace them with. My Mac at work is now over 4 years old and still a very good workstation ( although there are hints it is going to be upgraded, since I am the only one who does video work)
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    Technically, if this Mac is provided to you from your company, it's their property and if they wish to change it to the PC (as foolish as that might be), it's still their right and prerogative..

    Apart from claiming you lack of familiarity with Windows (assuming that's the case), you don't really have anything else to complain. If they are doing the switch, they should be smart enough to install the appropriate firewall/anti-virus software on the PC's to keep them and the network safe..


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    I would like to thanks everyone who help me, i'l take your comment and try to talk with IT on the implications of replacing my MAC for a PC.

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