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    iMac tray load firmware problem....
    Dear all

    I am hoping someone here can help me

    I'm trying to install Mac OS9.2 onto an iMac Tray loader that has a formatted hard drive

    I boot from the OS9 CD and run the installer but it says "Your iMac's firmware is out of date. please update firmware from Utilities folder on CD"

    Then when I try to run the firmware updater it says "Firmware updater cannot be run from a locked volume, your firmware will not be updated".

    This is happened with more then one tray loading iMac

    can anybody help me round this problem?

    thanx in advance


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    The update needs to opened on the desktop and not from the CD which is locked. If you still have the old OS on the imac do the upgrade first then install 9.2. You should be able to install OS 9.2 with out the update but do it right after installation. You just insert the disc not boot from it. Copy the update to the desktop close out the install cd and run the update, Follow the instructions. You may have to push the programers button with a paper clip. Its the little hole next to the modem has a sqwigle in a circle.

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    Adding to what "Mac SK" mentioned.

    You could download the firmware updater from the internet...then load it onto the iMac's hard drive, then launch the program.

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