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    Arrow iMac or Mini (Light User But Want Longevity)
    I am thinkin about either getting a Mac Mini or an iMac.
    i like the mini because of its price mostly but its a great deal for your $$$ but
    it could be better

    the imac is great cuz its alot more powerful but its alot more $$$.
    i dont know waht to do,wheter to buy the base line iMac or the top mini and crank it up.
    Help needed , i only do basic tasks , some games , word processing, net, email, music, movies.
    I have no trouble thinking that the mini can handle these tasks. But i want a computer that will last and not be obsolete quickly.
    I will probably wait for an upgrade of both systems before purchase


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    Id recommend a g5 imac, though if you buy from, the mini comes with rebates and coupons and such, like free apple kb and mouse, thats at the same price apple offers. but you'll have to buy a display. looking at upgradability/specs and price, I'd still go with an imac.

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    It depends how much money you actually have to spend. If you have the extra money, i'd say go for the iMac. Just because its a G5, and maximum of 2 GB memory. I think right now the mac mini is a starter machine. It will definatly become a slower machine thourghout time, or atleast seem like that faster than the iMac. When you start out with 256 MB it's actually not bad. In a month or something just buy more memory. (memory on the imac is easy and i think does not voic your warrany <--- do not take my word though). The mac mini might, if you interested, not be fully compatible with the new features Core Image and Core Video in Tiger. So i think after a years or two, the mac mini might not suite your needs if you get into other things that require alot of procesing power. But then again, if you don't plan on it, go for the mini with 1 GB ram and a Superdrive. It's kind of fun making DVD's in iDVD. Also the mac mini does NOT hhave an audio in, where as the imac does. Right now though, the mac mini should suite your needs. Its just the question if if you want better, and if your type of computing tasks will change.

    Good luck on making your purchase.


    Oh yeah and another thing, like macman said (got to it before me) you will need a seperate display for the mini. This is always nice though. Just so you can upgrade monitors later on, and bring your mini places and use it with other displays.

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    The Mac mini is a great little machine that will probably do everything you mentioned with no problems. And while you can somewhat upgrade it you will never get it to the level of the iMac G5.

    However, how long it will do everything you want is up for grabs. A year or so from now your use habits could easly change to needing more than the mini will provide. I would advise getting the iMac G5 17" or 20" if you can swing it, as it has the horses to go quite a ways into the future with you. It is not only a beautiful eye grabber on your desktop, with a gig of ram it is one smooth operating system.

    If you think there is ever the chance you would get into heavy graphics and video, then kick in a bit extra and go for a PowerMac 1.8. Much more upgradeable.
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    Even if you are only doing basic tasks that the mac mini can handle, it is always nice to have a large display. For less than the price of a base 17in iMac you could buy a mac mini keyboard/mouse, and a 20in widescreen display LCD.

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    I think you've probably read more than enough on your question, by now; but in my own opinion, I'd shoot for the imac. My parents use it lightly (though they could use it a lot more, but they just don't have the need for a heavy work load), typing stuff up, internet, ichat, some games (which makes me laugh), and just enjoying the basics of a computer and they LOVE their imac. It's a very nice computer and will last you awhile (especially w/ tiger, soon). I used it heavy on, when I lived at home and it worked fine for me too. SO, I'd say the imac is a great computer for both the heavy and light user.

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    OK Great

    Thanks heaps u guys , your quite helpful.
    I think i will buy the iMac but i am goin to wait intil and upgrade and i want tiger.

    Thanks again

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