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    Is extended warranty worth it?
    Since I'm pretty much sold on the 1.8 GHz single Power Mac G5 at this point, but waiting for the Tiger OS before I order it, I thought I'd ask about whether extended warranty would be worth the extra few hundred dollars to get. Although the included 1-year free parts & labor is pretty standard, I'll admit that the 90 days of free phone support sounds pretty cheap on Apple's part when you're shelling out so much for this system. This makes the 3-years-for-both extended warranty sound much more appealing (and comforting to a Mac newbie). Perhaps some testimonies of it being a complete waste or a total blessing will make my decision easier.

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    applecare is 100% worth it.. you dont have to buy it right away, but just make sure you do before the 1 year warranty is up.

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    The reason why everyone sells extended warranties is that the profit margins on them are something like 80-90%, especially for electronics. Sales people will ask you at least 5 times if you want it, because they will make more commission on the warranty than on any merchandise.

    If you need it, it's totally worth it. Odds are you won't need it and it's just money down the drain.

    In three years your computer will only be worth 30% of what you paid new.

    Also, read the fine print. There are often deductibles and fees associated with making claims.

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    the applecare has no deductibles, and is definately worth it. After the 90 days of phone support are gone, youll have to either throw your 40 pound computer in your car and go to the applestore, or use the useless online support system. Also, statistics show that the majority of computer problems occur after the 1st year of ownership. Applecare also includes Techtool Deluxe, a good software program for finding errors on your computer.

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    for something like this a power mac id say ya if it was cheaper then maybe not but fora power mav that will last you for 3 years i say yes

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    Its better if you just buy it at a store and get an extended warranty witht eh store, rather than Apple. It's easier and less of a hassle if you need to use it. Then you dotn need to call apple to tell them that you need an exchange. They will hassle you and the people are the phone are total idiots.

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    Applecare is definitely worth it.

    My roommate is living proof of how good applecare is.

    My roommate bought the single 1.8 G5(previous version) with the applecare. Six-seven months later. It started acting up, the grey start-up screen would become pixelated and it would lock up. He took it to the apple store and they fixed it. But it happened again and again. After the third problem Apple replaced his computer with the closest equivalent G5 in their current line-up. So the lowest end PM G5, at that time, was the dual 1.8 and that's what he got.

    Moral- applecare definitely pays for itself in some instances.

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    Check your credit card terms. Some cards include a warranty extension on electronic goods when you buy with the card. Otherwise, as mentioned above, you have up to the expiration of the original warranty to purchase Applecare. On the other hand, in 15 years of owning Macs I've never had to use any warranty service.

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    Tuned MP5T
    I think it's worth it because you can never tell what will happen down the road.

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    Even though you may NEVER need's worth the money if something does actually feel better when you have it..

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    It is worth it. I think Applecare is overpriced and not as good as the warranty you get from Tier 1 PC makers like IBM but it is all that is available.

    Computers, particularly laptops, are expensive to repair and failure rate in 3 years is high enough to consider the warranty an investment. I would rather pay $300 out of pocket to mitigate the risk of having to pay more should my motherboard fail or what have you. If you get an LCD monitor it is definitely worth it. Failure rates for LCD monitors are extremely high (around 10% in 2 years as I recall) and Applecare for the monitor does not cost anything additional when bought with a system.

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    another useful part of applecare is that it raises resale value. say 1.5 years down the road you want to sell your computer. it will be worth more if its still under warranty (applecare is transferable) than it would be otherwise

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    Definitely worth it
    I've had the missfortune of using my Apple Care protection to have the logic board replaced on my '03 tower. The audio amp on the board went out. Called Apple Care, they suggested I take it to a local authorized repair center. Talked to them(the repair place), it would take at least a week. The computer was working fine otherwise and I did not want to part with it for just an audio problem. Called Apple again and requested they send someone out to replace the board. No problem, we'll send someone out. At no additional cost to me, the tech came out at my convenience and did the repair.
    I doubt it that any local retailer can perform service that well, on my schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by menace3054
    ... Applecare also includes Techtool Deluxe, a good software program for finding errors on your computer.
    I was actually going to ask about what kind of maintenance and security software a person might need for a Mac in a new thread, but I guess I'll ask now since this reply got me on the topic.

    So first of all, is Techtool Deluxe like the Norton Systemworks I use on my PC, and is a program like this needed on a Mac if I don't get the extended warranty? Also, I'm assuming that anti-virus software is a waste since Macs supposedly don't fall victim to virus attacks - am I correct? Lastly, is a firewall needed? I recall reading somewhere that Macs have a built-in firewall - again, am I correct?

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    If I bought an extended warranty on all the products I have bought that offer it... I would be out of pocket thousands. In recent memory I have had zero products that have failed beyond the normal warranty. In fact I end up throwing out or selling countless products because they just won't die and I want a new one! Some people enjoy the fuzzy feeling they get when they buy the extended warranty. The way I look at it is the odds are REALLY good that if your electronic item (Mac for example), makes it past the normal warranty it will last anyway until you tire of it. There are always examples of how a warranty saved your butt, sure, but do the math over purchasing ten years of extended warranties. The fact is (as stated above) that companies make huge profits on the extended warranties, not only becuase the products tend to last anyway, but that many people just lose the receipt and/or forget about the warranty 3 years down the line anyway, or will just go out and buy a new one, because they just want a shiny new model instead.

    There have been such ridiculous warranties that have been offered to me in the past, for example:

    I bought a vacuum cleaner. Part of the exented warranty "feature" was I could bring it in once a year for a "free" cleaning where they would just take the motor housing off and blow it out, and no doubt tell me that I need to buy a new belt at the same time. First of all, who on earth would drag there dusty vacuum back to the store on a Saturday and then have to pick it up a couple days later?

    Same with a reciever I bought from an electronics store, I could bring it back for a cleaning. Like I was about the disconnect the dozens of cables and drag it out of my entertainment centre.

    An extended warranty that included a "stain warranty" on a new expensive mattress I bought. I don't want anyone knowing about my mattress stains, thanks.

    The ridiculous warranties offered by radio shack, I bought a small digital camera case for $15 and they offered an extended warranty for $4. What? What can go wrong with a Lowe Pro camera case? The camera inside would have to be destroyed and the case would still be ok.

    Cars? Don't even get me started. Telling you that they won't warranty a claim because you didn't keep every receipt of maintainance and supply them with copies.

    Bottom line is, take care of your stuff, do the math over five or ten years. Just remember, they aren't offering you the warranty for your own benefit, they do make huge profits on this stuff.

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