I have a 2002 Quicksilver, with a 1.5ghz Mercury upgrade processor, and 2 hard drives. HD 1 was a Maxtor 120g (10.5.8), and HD 2 is a Maxtor 40g (10.5.7)

The 120g quit booting a few weeks ago, it would just show the gray screen with the apple, and little gizmo going around in circles...that's as far as it would ever get.

When I zapped the P-Ram, it switched over to HD 2. I could see the HD icon on the desktop, and open it up to access things, but it wouldn't boot up.

I took it in to get looked over, they replaced the 120g HD with a WD 250g HD. Brought it home, it fired up as it should. I used the shut down feature when I was done. Came back 3-4hrs later, and it did the same thing as above. Gray screen with the gizmo going around to no end.

Zapped the P-Ram and it switched to HD 2, which I'm on now.

Any ideas?