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Thread: Raiding my Mac Pro, advice please!

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    Raiding my Mac Pro, advice please!
    I have a Mac Pro 2006 model and I am considering raiding two drives to get better performance with Ableton Live.

    I have the a 250G system drive and a 320 drive designated to all my audio files, and Live library. I was wondering which drive of the two would be best to raid? The Live app is on the system drive but all the audio files are on my audio drive.

    Also I need another third drive for extra space as I am running low. Any advice of a good way to organise and configure the drives would be much appreciated.

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    I would leave the system drive as it is and RAID the data drive. Just keep in mind that if you don't do a RAID5 set, your chances of data loss double since if you have even one drive fail, you'll lose everything.
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    I have no problem at all raiding the system drive and have it set up as such on my Powermac G5. I use a pair of 1TB drives in a Raid 1 array , that is a mirrored set without parity. This is a great option for a desktop because if one fails the the other takes over and you loose nothing. RAID 5 is not as great as it sounds for a desktop use, RAID 5 is a stripped set with distributed parity and if you loose more than one drive in the array you will loose the whole array. I would not use RAID 0 also although RAID 0 is very fast it offers no fault tolerance. You could also look at a NAS depending on how much space you need but setting up a RAID 1 array is the way to go for your precision desktop needs.
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