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Thread: Getting my first mac

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Getting my first mac
    Hello everyone. My name is Justin and I look forward to being apart of your community. Anyway, I plan on getting my very first Mac next month after I receive my student aid money! I decided I was going to get the "24in iMac. I fell in love with it in the Apple Store and I cannot wait to get it. However I have a few questions:

    Is MS Office 07 pc compatible with MS Office 08 for the mac?
    Are there any rumors regarding Apple bringing out a new iMac within the next 60 days?
    Should I buy an iMac refurbished for the Apple Store website?

    Thank you all.

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    May 02, 2009
    Hi and welcome to the forums...and well, welcome to Mac!

    You should have no problems sharing documents between Office 07 and Office 08.

    In regards to 'when to buy' and updates nothing is ever definite, but a good resource is the Mac Rumours Buyers Guide. At the very least, it gives you an idea of how far along in the product cycle a particular machine is.

    There is nothing wrong with buying a refurbished Mac from the Apple Store and this is generally one of the best sources as it's managed my Apple. Often times with 3rd party sellers (eBay etc) you have to a do a bit of due diligence before spending the money just to be safe.

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    Yes, it's compatible. Don't know about any new iMacs, I doubt it since they just upgraded the line, and absolutely buy it refurbished. I wouldn't buy it any other way. Saves a lot of money, works just as well.

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    Thanks a lot guys for responding. I think I'm definitely buying refurbished. It's also a relief regarding the Office compatibility.

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