Okay, So I have a Mac mini PPC that I gave to my Mom so she could start learning how to use a computer.

It is an Apple Mac Mini 1.42GHz SuperDrive (M9971LL/B, M9687LL/A, A1103)

So one day my mom accidentally spilled water on the mini (I'm not a clumsy person in the least bit.. I haven't spilled or dropped anything in years so seeing this happened really made me cringe). She spilled a full cup of water on the desk, most of the water falling on the desk but some on the mini. She freaked out and I immediately came over and shut it off and pulled the power chord out of the mini.

I told her to not turn it on for the rest of the day. After 24 hours I came to the computer and turned it on. The small white light turned on but it did not make the start up sound and nothing popped up on the screen. I waited for about 30 seconds, and shut it off again. Then I turned it on again and it made 2 loud beeps, and then restarted on its own and made the start up noise, but it still didn't display anything on the screen. Since then every time I turn it on, the white light goes on but there is no start up screen and it does not display anything.

I've tested it with 2 other monitors since then and still no luck. I have tried resetting the PRAM and the PMU (power management unit) per the instructions on Apple's website and have still had no luck.

Every time I start it up, I can hear and feel both the hard drive and the fan. I can also feel the air that the fan is pushing out, yet there is no start up sound and nothing being displayed.

What can I do?