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    Magic Jack on Mac Mini
    Hey Everybody, I'm thinking about getting a MJ for the mini but I've learned that if the mac sleeps, the phone is inoperable. so my first question, will the MJ work immediately after the mac is booted back up or do i have to disconnect then reconnect it? Will leaving the mini on all day harm it (i have an aftermarket monitor which would be turned off when the mac is idle)? thanks guys

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    I have a friend that bought the Magic Jack. Plain and isn't worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edkado View Post
    Will leaving the mini on all day harm it
    No. UNIX-based operating systems like OS X are designed and intended to be up and running 24x7.

    There is little need to turn off or even sleep a Mac running OS X.
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    How about if you live in the lightening capital of the world?

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    Strange situation with magic jack.I have one running on my imac and if imac goes to sleep on its own through energy preference setting the magic jack will work fine with dial tone.If you choose to put imac to sleep through the apple menu,when you wake it up you get no dialtone on magicjack and you have to unplug and replug to get one.
    Can anyone explain this oddity?

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