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    Fixing a leaky Powermac G5
    I was given a Powermac G5 with dual 2.5's. When I got it, sometimes it would power-up and run (nothing on screen, no sounds). Other times it would just immediately power-off within a second or so.

    When it would run for a few seconds, one of the fans would vary in speed.

    I dug into it a little bit, removing the CPU's, and found that the cooling system for the CPU's had leaked down into the power supply.

    Is this fatal? Or is it possible I just need to fix the cooling system and replace the power supply?

    And if it is salvageable, are there any alternatives to liquid cooling for the CPU's? I'd hate to spring any more leaks.


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    Electronics, electricity, and moisture (as you probably know) are not a good mix!

    Personally, I would never purchase a computer with a liquid cooling system for the very reason your experiencing.

    If you have damage due to moisture, and can isolate & replace the parts that are damaged at a low may have a decent solution.

    But remember, since the liquid cooling system is leaking, not only will you have to replace the damaged electronics...but also the faulty liquid cooling system.

    Good luck,

    - Nick

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