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    I live in a house with several PC's and a five year old power Mac G5, which I had grown fond of. Never any complaints, a beautiful machine, a dutiful worker, only thing I every did was add more ram. Then one morning, a kernel panic, a visit to the genius bar, Tekserve, and poof, no more. Logic board, processor, bad hard drive, $1000 repair. Even the monitor has an ADC connector, and seems unusable. None of my PC's ever went south so irrevocably, so quickly becoming furniture. I'm not sure what to think - I feel bad, vaguely mad at Apple. Should I just move on? Any thoughts?

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    That sounds like a very overzealous diagnosis. In ten years of my work as a professional computer tech, I have never heard of so many components going bad at once. It sounds more likely that they were looking to sell you a new machine. I would seek a second opinion.

    Oh and also...

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    Liquid and computers don't mix. It might seem simple, but we see an incredible amount of people post here about spills. Keep drinks and other liquids away from your expensive electronics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smil View Post
    Logic board, processor, bad hard drive, $1000 repair.
    I sure hope you didn't pay for this repair...because $1000 bucks was/is a lot more than your G5 is worth!

    - Nick

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    I seriously doubt that all of those things really went at once. It could simply be some bad RAM, or maybe a HDD. I second the second opinion idea, preferably from someone who doesn't seek to gain from selling you a new computer.

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    Was this a liquid-cooled machine? I suppose a coolant leak could kill all of those components at once.

    Or a lightning strike.

    Though, after five years, I'm not surprised at all that something went bad. Just that all of those things went bad seemingly at the same time.

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