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    Unable to find driver for this platform "PowerMac2,1" - error with no solution?
    Hello dearest members.

    I have a big issue. My little brother got an iMac G3 as a present, to play basic games on it. It had MacOS 9.2.1 installed and the firmware was updated to the latest version. I installed MacOS X 10.4 and it worked flawlessly up till now. All of a sudden, after booting, error screen appears, and I haven't been able to fix it.

    I've tried:
    • booting from MacOS 9.2.1 install disc
    • booting from MacOS X 10.4 install disc
    • resetting PRAM and NVRAM
    • booting into safe mode
    • booting into single user mode

    This is the error code:

    Is there anything I can still try?

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    That's a pretty old machine. It could need a new PRAM battery as it's possible that it still has the original which might be dead. Not sure where you can get a PRAM battery for it but if you have the original manual it might tell you which one you need. Or, you could open the machine and find out that way.


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    If your computer needs a PRAM's probably this one:

    3.6v Newer Technology Lithium 1/2 AA PRAM Com... (3.6VPRAM) at OWC

    - Nick

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    Yeah, the PRAM battery is still the original one. Thanks for the link, but I've found some European Newertech retailer, to cut down the shipping costs.

    I'll report back when I have the new PRAM battery ...

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