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Thread: Some lost iPhoto files but not all?

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    Angry Some lost iPhoto files but not all?
    I hope some one can help me. My partner deliberately deleted some of the folders from iPhoto (latest version running an iMac). Not only could I initially not find the missing folders but the actual app was missing.

    I have reinstalled the app which opens the non deleted iPhoto folders fine. My question is how do I get back the folders that were deleted? The folders deleted contained pictures of my eldest daughter - any help would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, they were not backed up.


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    Unless they were sent to the Trash and are still there, they may have been overwritten which means they can not be recovered by ordinary means. The key to recovering files which have been inadvertently deleted is to immediately cease any activity on the hard drive. When you reinstalled iPhoto you may have overwritten the deleted photos.

    Try this application: "FileSalvage" the free download trial will tell you if the photos can be recovered. If they can, you'll need to register in order to recover them: $89.95. A bit pricey, but may be worthwhile depending on how valuable the photos are to you.


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