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    Unhappy Mac Mini with no sound
    Please help me.
    I can't get any sound out of my mac mini, I first noticed it when the 'chime' cut out half way through. I thought thats strange but the computer booted up.
    I wasn't until I tried to watch a video file that the sound was muted.
    I hit the volume up button on the key pad and the volume window popped up but beneath the volume bars was the mute symbol.
    So I went to the sound preference panel and the out put volume had mute checked, but it is grayed out and I can't uncheck it.
    I have tried it with headphones but nothing.
    Also iTunes will open but won't play any songs, it obviously knows there is no sound.
    It might be really simple, but it's driving me nuts. I would be grateful for any help.
    Thanks John

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    It's possible your headphone jack may be stuck in the play position. Try inserting your headphone plug in and out several times to see if that will release it. Also be sure to check both the input and output volume options for muting. If it's grayed out on both that may indicate something else.

    Are you using any audio applications that might have set the mute on?


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