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    I've just been given an imac g5 20 inch (you know the all in one display desktops). The former owner says it's got a bad processor. Now it will boot up and looks like it works fine but I would rather not risk using it as a computer so I was thinking I could use it as a second monitor either by hooking it up to my macbook pro or using it at my office (a windows only environment.. boo hiss) Any ideas am I asking the impossible. It has a number of ports on the back USB, RJ45, Optical type of S video maybe and a bunch I don't recognize at all.

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    I'm 99% sure you cannot use an iMac as a second monitor.

    Two question's for you:

    1. Why would you "rather" not risk using this iMac G5 "as a computer"?
    2. What does your posting title "Trying to be Green er" have to do with your posting?


    - Nick

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