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    Unhappy White screen of death
    My G4 tower decided to suddenly shut down and now I can't wake it back up. It makes the Wall-E start-up tone, then goes to a white screen. I tried safe mode and nothing happened there. There is a sound coming from the tower that almost sounds like a record skipping.

    We don't have the OS disk since my brother in-law normally works on the computer and unfortunately, he is dealing with a death in the family right now.

    I would be really happy if your replies do not include the words "new hard drive" or "lost data".

    Any help?

    Oh, and we are running 10.4 I think.

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    Hi, well without discs your best option is to try FSCK to check the file system, and also you can reset pram and nvram, to see if that helps.
    I would say that the skipping record sound is usually the HD playing up, but you may be lucky here.
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