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Thread: eMac died

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    Aug 03, 2009
    eMac died

    I have an old (2003) eMac that runs (ran) OS 10.3.9. It recently shut itself off mid-session and will not power back on. I tried resetting the PRAM and replacing the lithium-ion battery but still nothing.... when the power button is pressed, I hear a slight noise as if it's going to power on (that initial "tdzzz" noise) but nothing happens, no fan, nothing....

    I backed up the data on an external hard drive a month or so ago but still lost some important things.... any suggestions on how I might get the machine to power back on long enough for me to get the rest of the data off of it that I need?

    Thanks a lot...

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    Take the drive out and hook it up to a USB drive adapter and then to a different computer. I guess that Emac has a cuda button on the board, Its silver. Unplug the Emac and push the button for 3sec. then plug back in and try to start it up. Thats the last trick. Sounds like a bad PS, Emacs had that problem.

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    Thanks for the tips... I tried pushing that button, too, and nothing happened...

    But here's a weird update: yesterday, I was about to move the machine somewhere out of the way and I thought I would give it one last try... it's been sitting upside down for about a week now... I hit the power button and it turned on!! The screen is all faded looking but I was able to get everything off that I needed....

    Sorry, I know this isn't helpful to anyone else.... but it was quite a pleasant surprise for me! My mac basically came back from the dead.... PC's sure can't do that.

    I could easily go one with bad jokes but I'll stop here.

    Thanks again!

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    Very Interesting...Unless your just done with it,replacing the power supply is not that difficult. Glade you got your stuff off. Good Luck to ya

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