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    pmac g5... internal HD q's...
    hi all... yes, yes, newbie alert, but i have had my dual 1.8 powerpc g5 for... 5 years now? there abouts...

    i really wanna get a new internal HD... i have the stock 80g, external 250 lacie. need. more. spaaace. ugg. i feel like a cave man, being under a tb...

    ive been looking on newegg at some, theyre all 3.5", but the apple site support section and hard drive install manual says to only get 3.9" ONLY... now, im sure this info is out in the web somewhere, prolly on THIS site, but all the searching ive done has just led me to more and more contradictions. so i just wanna get this straight...

    it seems to me that the casing for the actual disc is 3.9 inches, and the literal disc itself is probably 3.5 inches... is this correct?

    also, as far as specs/tech compatibility, ive been told the only thing i really need to make sure about is the SATA part, and everything else is sorta just willy nilly, like itll all work even tho there may be different options, ie 16 mb cache or 32 mb cache, 5400 or 7200 rpm. am i right?

    lastly, what is the 16 or 32 mb cache thing in reference to anyway?

    please dont scorn me for asking these (what may seem) simple questions, i was happy to see in the sticky that you guys are pretty eager to get questions, i dont see that very often. thanks for the help... any other tips and suggests i will certainly welcome with open armseyesearsbrain

    thanks again

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    You need a 3.5" SATA HDD. If you can only purchase a SATA 11 model, make sure it comes with jumpers to choke it back to operate at SATA 1 speeds as SATA 11 is not always backwards compatible despite what you read.

    The MB indicates the cache speed, and the higher the better to a certain extent. 2MB used to be the standard. A 16MB cache will suit you just fine and with a G5 there is no great speed difference between the 16/32MB cache.

    A 1TB drive would be the go, something like this:- Hitachi 1 TB 16MB 7200RPM SATA Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 0A38016: Electronics

    All top brands, WD, Seagate, Hitachi, Fujitsu are all pretty good.

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    Macbook 2.0, 1gb ram,80 gig hdd, Powermac G5, 80 Gig HDD, 1/5 gbs of ram. dvd writer

    what are the highest size of hdd that can go on a 1.8 G5 ?

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