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Thread: Should I buy a Mac Pro for Video Editing - software is included

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    Should I buy a Mac Pro for Video Editing - software is included

    I am a pc user - have only used a mac a few times. I am looking to upgrade my current pc mainly because it cannot handle AVCHD files. I enjoy video editing as a hobby for family functions and kids' school projects and would like to become more serious about it. My current computer is so frustrating to use, (using Vegas) that after I import the files I never touch them again - too slow to pull them up, and almost impossilbe to edit. I'm way too impatient. My question is this: I have an opportunity to purchase a new 2009 2.26 8 core mac pro, 8GB ram, 4870, 3TB HD with final cut pro, and almost every other program available for $4,000. The computer alone from apple would be $4600 and with the software, it would be over 10k. For what I'm doing, I think this machine may be overkill, but it seems to be too good of a deal to pass up. It's probably something I can grow into for many years, but the price is killing me. Considering I could buy a very capable pc for around 2k, I'm in agony over the decision. Any advice? Is it a good deal?

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    If you're a professional who needs the very best to sustain his business, then the Mac Pro is indeed a very good purchase considering the software that comes with it. However, if you're just into it for the fun or as an amateur, purchasing a capable PC for $2000 less than the Mac Pro makes sense.


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    I don't think you need a Mac Pro for what you are doing unless you are totally serious about it. Then it would be a good investment. Otherwise an iMac and even the higher end MBPs can do what you want.

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