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    Level 2 Repair - what does that mean? (Hard Disk)
    Hi there

    a few days ago I handed over my iMac to the genius bar at apple to fix up and they found my HDD was failing. on my invoice, it says "hardware repair level 2". what does this mean?

    Will they physically replace the HDD or simply just format it and return as though its new? The genius was very shady over his answers and dodged the question 3 times so I gave up.

    Could somebody please enlighten me as to what exactly will happen to my hard drive. I sincerely hope it will be physically replaced as I don't want the errors to re-emerge a few months down the line as the symptoms were fixed (the errors) but not their root cause (faulty HDD).

    thanks in advance

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    If the actual hard drive is failing, there is no way they would just format it and give it back as the drive would die soon after. I am sure they will give you a new drive.

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