So, it's a G4 1.42GHz mini. Powers up, bongs, DVI video out appears to work (friend tried it before it arrived on my desk), but VGA w/adapters doesn't seem to work.

Unfortunately I don't own any monitors w/DVI so troubleshooting is a bit of a problem. I tried forcing it into target disk mode but it doesn't show up on my MBP. Typing blindly in open firmware, the computer responds as it should, so it's not totally dead.

Any thoughts/ideas? Is there a special DVI->VGA adapter for Apple/minis or will standard DVI->VGA adapters work? I'm assuming the lack of boot/target disk issue is a bad HDD/corrupt OS install? First mini to hit my workbench so I don't have a putty knife yet and haven't had a chance to explore it. (c'mon Apple, a putty knife? That's just cheesy)