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Thread: Mac Pro to TV problem

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    Mac Pro to TV problem
    Hey I have a bit of a problem. I have a mac Pro but I'm using a LCD TV as a screen temporarily until I have chosen a suitable monitor, however when using the dvi to hdmi cable provided by mac i cant see the dock or the top of screen. I heard that there was some software that could help me with this problem because i cant get it to work at all using the mac preferences. Any Help?


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    Three options

    The first is to go into your TV menu and check to see if it has an available adjustment for the picture size. Some will, a lot of them won't.

    2nd - Open up System Preferences - Displays - (I'm not at my Mac right now) - click through the different tabs until you find one with overscan and check the box to turn off overscan - You'll now be able to see your menu bar and dock, but you'll have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

    3rd - Use SwitchReSX (there's one other app out there I forget what it is - you can search the forum, this question gets asked on an ongoing basis) to manually adjust the resolution until you find one that will fill the screen properly.
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