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    Upgrading Hardware on iMac USB2.0 1.25GHz
    I have an ageing imac - the usb2.0 version G4 1.25GHz with 1GB memory.

    I want to know would i make significant gains in performance if i upgraded it to 2gb memory? (ignore the fact that i can or cannot upgrade to 2gb - i know i can)

    at the moment, the hdd is almost completely full with a few gb to spare, and my coimputer regularly beachballs with many apps running, and if azureus or a java based app is running, the cpu is almost maxed out continuously.

    would a new bigger hard drive also solve my problems when combined with double the memory. i don't use many professional apps like creative suite or video editing, so processor power is not that relevant - its just an internet/email/itunes/photos pc and nothing much else

    your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. i dont want to splash out on a new mac just yet..i can't afford it.

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    Surprised she runs at all chalkie with what you describe. Sure a larger HDD will assist and if you can improve the RAM, go for it. The G4 iMac has Firewire 400, here are the specs:-

    Apple iMac G4/1.25 17-Inch "FP" (USB 2.0) Specs (iMac USB 2.0 - M9168LL/A) @

    So pop the current internal into an exterior case and connect via firewire.

    Select Apple Partition Map and partition how you wish, format Mac OS Extended (Journalled) and you have a bootable external HDD.

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    More memory and a larger HD will indeed help your performance quite a bit.

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