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Thread: My G5 never shuts down properly - ideas?

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    My G5 never shuts down properly - ideas?
    Hi, I recently bought a second hand G5 tower with PowerPC processor running Tiger.

    When I bought it it had a clean install of the OS from the original disc, but from the very first time I switched it on it didn't shut down properly. It seemed at first as though it was a problem with i-tunes as i'd opened it but then it took me ages to be able to quit it properly.

    I then downloaded all of the updates thinking it could be that but to no avail, everytime I tried to shut down or restart the computer it just locked up.

    As there was nothing on the computer other than the software I dedcided to try another clean install to try and rectify the problem... which at first seemed to work. I then loaded on all of my software and audio stuff. Now after only a couple of weeks the same problem has started again but also now with the added annoyance of software just locking up and freezing, meaning the only way to sort it out is to hit the reset button.

    Please does anyone have any idea what this may be? I'm concerned that shutting the computer down this way could be damaging my files or even the computer itself?

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    Run the Apple Hardware Test on your machine: Link

    You should also probably do a check of your hard drive for file errors, bad sectors, and so forth. Boot the machine with your original install media and run Disk Utility. Do a verify and repair of the hard drive. Keep repeating the repair process until all errors are cleared (if any).

    The graphics card in your G5 likewise can be acting up. Sometimes the Apple hardware test will not pick up on an intermittent problem so do not rule out a bad GPU.


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    And if still no joy download a little utility named Applejack.

    Read the manual and run it if your problem continues.

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