So, been arguing with my 20" iMac G5 (pre-iSight version) now for a couple days, had my boyfriend and a couple friends try to figure it out, and nothing is working, so now I'm here hoping one of you guys can help!

My problem is that yesterday I woke up and went to go wake my computer out of sleep mode. Well, it wasn't having any of that, and stayed stuck on the black screen after it flashed my screen saver a couple times. I restarted it, and now it won't boot into the login screen. It'll turn on, show the apple logo with the spinning bars, and then right before the space desktop with the login box shows up, it gets stuck on the blue screen and won't go past it. I can hear the internal drive working at this point. We did discover that it will boot into safe mode, it will boot from a disc (we fiddled with disk warrior for awhile, didn't do anything), and will go into the black screen with the white text.

In safe mode, pretty much everything works, EXCEPT it won't mount any of my hardrives, including the one I just bought after all this started happening so I could quickly backup my stuff. I know I probably need to reinstall os 10, but I don't want to do that unless I can get my stuff backed up. Currently the only drive it will mount is my 16gb iPod. I'm fairly sure the HD itself is fine, I've run disk utility, disk warrior, and done fsck -fy on it and everything comes back ok. I also ran a program called Yasu that cleans out just about every cache, so that's all emptied. I've also opened up the computer, unplugged the HD and the memory chips to see if that'd reset it, and nothing.

So, if anyone has any ideas to get my stuff and to get my drives to mount other than me buying another internal drive and enclosure, yanking the old one and trying to get my stuff that way, I'd really like to hear them!

Also, I know I could prolly boot the computer into drive mode and use another mac to transfer everything over to my external, but I'm in a new city for the summer and I don't know anyone here with a mac, so that's out.