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    G4 Graphics card upgrade question
    Hi i have a G4 450 Dual powermac (Gigabit Ethernet) with 1 GB of ram & 80GB hard drive running OSX Tiger 10.4.11, And i want to upgrade the graphics card (it has the ATY,Rage128Pro AGP 16MB standard card) as it's struggling to play videos from youtube/BBC iplayer etc, Just wondered if someone could recommend a card or point me in the right direction as i'm not sure if there is a card vram limit to what the machine will run?.



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    This card will work but it is a costly upgrade

    ATI Technologies RADEON 9200 128MB MacEditi... (100-436014) at OWC

    You may be able to shop around

    You might want to risk flashing a PC ATI card, if you find a really cheap one
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    Whoa! $120 for that old card? You're better off getting it on eBay. I also have a working ATI Radeon 9250 256MB that I bought in 2005 if you want to buy it, but I haven't ever tested it with Mac OS X.
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