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    Imac G5 airport/internet issues

    Yesterday I bought a used Imac G5.
    It looks really neat, no scratches or anything. It runs Leopard (maybe a little to heavy for my G5 processor, since leopard was designed for the new intel processors)

    When I connected my imac i tried to go on the internet using a wireless internet connection. (speedtouch) While my macbook intel with tiger runs perfectly with the speedtouch, my imac did connect and showed all green but didnt get any internet acces.

    I tried everything in the netword settings but nothing worked. I tried resetting my imac several times but nothing.

    The internet connection isnt mine, but from my upstairs neighbour.
    he lost his files for getting into the router though....

    So is there any other way on how I can fix it?

    Thanks in advanced and my apoligies for the bad grammar and spelling in my English


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    Hi Gerjon,

    It seems to me to be a routing problem, it may be that the router is configured for a maximum number of clients connected (this will depend on the dhcp pool on the router ) you can usually configure the router by entering it's address in a web browser, the address of the router will be the same as your default gateway, open utilities, then terminal and then type the command ifconfig and make a note of you default gateway, enter the ip address into a browser of a connected machine and you should see a login screen- hopefully your neighbour remembers the username and password, once your in look in the access logs and firewall logs to see whats stopping you from getting out online.

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