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    Mac Pro internal HD problem
    Hi there,

    My first post here, unfortunately one I don't relish making.

    I have had my mac pro for about 6 months now, has been running nicely. Around 3 months ago I purchased a 300g Barracuda drive which I use solely for my Pro Tools (music software) projects. This too has been running great, until now.

    Today, turned up at my studio and the thing wouldn't boot? I tried swapping drives etc, no joy wouldn't get past the apple loading screen. I then tried leaving in just the boot disk in the slot the other pro tools drive was in originally. Sure enough it jumped into life. Ok I thought maybe the bay it was in is the issue (as the PT drive was seemingly spinning on previous attempts. Not so. After trying the drive elsewhere, same thing. I even put the main HD back in the original slot and it fires up ok.

    So if that didn't make much sense what I am trying to say is with the other internal drive in, the thing wont boot up, just the apple logo for a while, then it automatically tries to re-boot.

    I am really worried about this as the recording studio I work in is my livelihood. Any ideas as to what might be up with this would be greatly appreciated!!!

    PS- I would have tried disk warrior/ utility etc, only (obviously) the computer wont boot with the drive in question installed.

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    It certainly sounds as if your 300 GB Pro Tools drive is problematic. Can you read the drive at all? See your data?

    I don't think Disk Warrior can recover or repair a defective hard drive. The specs say it builds and repairs directories and of course the file system. You may need to use something like "Data Rescue II" which can be used to boot the machine and repair the hard drive in question and\or extract data.

    However, before spending money on Data Rescue II, why not boot your machine with your Leopard install DVD and use Disk Utility to verify and repair the Pro Tools drive. (Assuming the machine will boot from the Leopard disk while the Pro Tools drive is in place.)

    Another method you might consider is to install the Pro Tools drive in an external carrier or adapter and use Disk Utility to check and repair it.


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    Hey thanks for the reply chscag,

    Will try to boot from the osx disk I guess. If that fails I shall go the Data Rescue option. Very frustrating as I got this drive as I was worried my (still working) external drive might let me down...

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    Ok, so, tried the booting from OSX disk and no joy while the PT drive is in

    Now wondering if I might just get the same issue with Data Rescue? I know of an "Apple guy" near by who is certified etc... thinking I might try him tomorrow as time is of the essence.

    What do y'all think?

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