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    iMac Hard Drive Replacement

    I recently had to replace my hard drive on my iMac (intel + iSight)...After a successful hard drive replacement, I attached the new hard drive, using target mode, to my mac book pro...this way I could format the new hard drive...Now, when I put in the mac os x tiger disc into the iMac, I get the blinking folder icon with the question mark.

    Can anyone help me with this? Am I using the wrong installation disc? I know the hard drive is not damaged as it's brand new and works just fine. I feel like I am forgetting a step here, but I would really like to get using my iMac again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quick question, is the OSX DVD you are trying to boot from the one that came with that Intel iMac?

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    You will need to install OS X on your new hard drive for the iMac with the original install media. Target mode is fine for copying data from one drive to the other, however, your MBP installation media will not work for the iMac.


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