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    Unhappy 2nd internal Hard Drive not appearing...
    Hello everyone, I am having a huge problem that I cannot figure out.
    I have a Power Mac G4 Quick silver. This is really the first problem I have had with it and of coarse its my fault.
    I have a secondary internal Hard drive that for some reason doesn't want to appear on my desktop. When I go into the Disk Utilities folder the Hard drive does appear in that particular window and the utilities software
    does state that the hard drive is working properly. The only thing I see different about it is the icon is a blank white page instead of the Hard drive icon.
    The last thing I did with it was on the "Get Info" option on the hard drive folder I went to disk ownership and permissions and from the drop down bar I choose my name and selected "No access" due to my niece needed to work on my computer and I didn't want to allow her into some of the more personal information I had in that particular hard drive because she has been know to not only get nosey but to "accidently" delete information. Now in the past when I've done this its never
    given me this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions for me. I must tell you that Yes I have tons of Important info in this hard drive like all my digital music which I am a Dj and cant afford to lose any of it. Please Help. I do have some backed up but there's enough of data on this disk that I would really need to keep Please someone help!!!
    Thanx GNO

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    As it is a secondary drive did you set it to the 'slave' settings? A quick check of the manufacturer's web site will show you the master and other settings. Also check this out and see if there is any joy:-

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