hi, i ve a mac pro, set at RAID 5 with 4 hard drives and each 1T storage, recently there is a message from RAID utility :
--"Drive 3 : 5000cca216d27040 failure detected - previous drive status was inuse"

-- "Degraded RAID set R0-1

-- " Degraded RAID Set R0-1 - No spare available for rebuild"

what's the problem here? is it hard drive failure? if so,which one? or can it be a RAID card failure?

actually apple onsite service available yesterday and they changed one of the hard drive ( as its status marked as roaming while other 3 marked as assigned) but what 's next after replace the hard drives ? how can make the new one rebuild into the RAID set ? as even after replacement the hard drive, RAID set still show as degraded. actually, after replacement of the possible "fault " hard drive, i then migrated that new hard drive to RAID set, but still failed.

please advice