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    imac g4 hard drive replacement issue
    Hello all. I just bought a g4 imac for a cheap enough deal to go for it (wife likes the shape); specs are 700mhz/256mb ram.

    Anyway, it had no hd and I have a spare 40gb here. I've opened the base and even though I was careful the slim cable that seems to go into an IDE has come away.

    Obviously this is bad - is it repairable ? It seems to me that the cable going into the ide seems to prevent the opposite connector (looks like a solid "ide plastic piece" conecting flush in order to close.

    I installed the 40gb but as is typical with me I have a machine in semi-repair state.

    Can anyone advise ? I can't find too much in the way of this issue.


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    Are any if the pins bent on the disk's IDE interface

    Do you mean the ribbon cable is not staying in when you connect it up to the hard disk?
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    It's not the ribbon cable IDE. There's a similar, slightly smaller black port, next to it, IDE shaped, it might be for the fan, I'm unsure, but it's on the edge of the logic board, and a thin black cable that runs down and connects to another cable which is joined to this IDE....anyway the cable that is joined to the "IDE" has come away from it, it's still connected to the other slim cable.

    I'm unsure how to translate, sorry !

    The link above will show, albeit quite blurry, that RED 1 and RED 2 connect and RED 3 is a thin cable that attaches inside RED 2 on the board. It looks like an IDE shaped port.

    Any help is appreciated !

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    Took it to an expert friend who pointed out the seller had pinched the airport cable and it had snapped off in more than one place so it's usb or nothing for me now !

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