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    Dual 17 LCDs on a Dual 1.8 G5, sharing with a PC
    Ok i have a PC and the Power G5, one of the LCDs is run into the ADC port on the Mac, the other LCD is connected to a DVI switch via the apple ADC to DVI converter both computers are run in to the switch (A, B). The problem i am having is: When i want to run dual monitors on the G5 i have to turn the G5 off, hook the DVI cable from the DVI switch in to the G5, and then turn the G5 on. Only then will the G5 let me run dual monitors. If i don not do this and I just try to switch back and forth from PC to MAc the G5 will just shut off after i switch.

    I called Apple and they told me that they didnt know but the reason the G5 turns off may be due to the power button on the LCD, when switched to the pc the G5 may think the monitor has been turned off there for the G5 needs to turn off.

    My question is 1. is there a way to trick the G5 into thinking the monitor is hooked p even when it isn't and if there isn't 2. is there a DVI switch that is made for this situation.



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    this is the exact same problem that i am having. just got my DVI switch today and it makes my g5 turn off when i switch to it. if you've got any new info or if anyone else has figured out a solution, please, let us know. thanks.

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