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Thread: G5 Imacs - Display / Brightness control / monitor coverings?

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    G5 Imacs - Display / Brightness control / monitor coverings?

    I have an issue with the G5 Imacs 17" screens in general.

    There have been some threads on here about them though this topic will incorporate a few issues, all in one.

    First i wanted to know what the deal was with them in terms of brightness, as since i have used them as compared to pc displays, they have been noticeably bright.

    What colour profile do they use if this makes any sense.. like adobe RGB etc?

    I have been using pc monitor screens, and i haven't had any problems with them, untill i changed over to imacs and bought 1.

    I have been using my imac for just about a year, and my eye sight has just about deteriorated because of using imacs which is my fault, but also because i can't keep both eyes on the screen, i know weird. I'm seeing an eye specialist due to a lazy eye, though i was wondering. what was a good setting and a good application to use to set the brightness to. I have come across brightness control 2.0, darkAdapted and shades. Also have done a lcd test, screen is fine looked into the display properties under preferences and mucked about with the different displays, so im still trying to figure out an easy to look at display setting.

    Im considering to keep my imac, and bring in a pc screen, a cathode ray tube screen.. the old types(if you call them that).. where it can be linked up using the adapter, though i have read the reviews on the mac site, so i was wondering if people have had bad experiences using this adapter and stuffing up their imac screens permanently/them changing different colours etc.) so what is a way around this. so your screen is not ruined after three years, so that being the downside which i don't want to do!? Are there any other kinds of plugs that will go into an imac to pc screen with a longer or better insulated cable.

    Also is there a sheet or covering that can be put on the front of an imac screen to make it a little dim, or a filter that they sell/be bought so it makes looking at the screen easier.

    Otherwise i am just considering easily to use pc systems, and save up for a mac pro and ditch the imacs completely, and when i start working in graphic design i hopefully don't come across imacs, and just hitch an old pc screen to the mac pro.

    For the time being im trying to limit how much time i spend on my imac.

    If anyone has suggestions or thoughtful advice, or if you are in the same dilemma(hopefully not) please post, otherwise i may get back to this thread later on after i have seen my eye specialist, and see if the problem is common.

    THanks heaps.

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    I'm confused...wayyyy too much information (all over the place)!

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