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    Mar 04, 2009
    My emac made a loud pop and blue flash....
    So I'm considering swapping my hard drive and super drive into a working Imac, both machines are the 800 MHz PowerPC G4. I have searched the forum for specifics on this and have come up empty handed. After looking at the take apart tutorials I'm not worried about the actual dissasembly part I even have all the tools in my tool box, I just don't want to take them apart to find out the components are miss matched. Any advice would be great.

    P.S Where do I find Thermal paste?

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    Aug 21, 2008
    2.66Ghz Penryn C2D iMac
    Go to they have all kinds of computer building supplies. Sounds like a leaky cap blew on your eMac Bummer, those are cool machines!

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