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    help getting g4 a wireless connection (usb adaptor)
    I have a mac G4 desktop...I think it has built in dial up modem but no built in wireless modem.
    I have a PC and recently the only thing we needed to do to get it online was buy a tiny USB plug in wireless dector..plug it in...and instant wireless connection.
    It does not work on Mac though.

    Is connecting my G4 this easy as I just need to get a mac compatible USB detector? Is this usb detector also the modem....or maybe wireless does not need a modem and just needs to pick up the signal from the other modem/router in the house?


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    So, your looking for a wireless adapter for the mac? I prefer the Airport card, but on most G4's your limited to 802.11b...There are a few usb adapters you can find mac drivers for though. I have a Netgear WG111 v.2 which works great

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    All G4 Towers from the first Yikes model to the FW800 have inbuilt Ethernet ports but none came with wireless as standard and as suggested an Airport card may be the go depending on the modem/router being Mac compatible. Some are not.

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    Has anyone used the AfterMac WIFI USB adapter? If so, is it compatible with Belkin or D-Link routers. Or only Airport.


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    mac usb wireless adapter
    Best buy sells a usb adapter made for macs. Its a hawking technology adaptor and all you have to do it plug it in and your set to go. The cost it 49.99 when i bought mine a year ago.

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    Power MAC G4 AGP/Graphics 500Mhz 1GB RAM 250GB Seagate HDD OSX 10.4.11 DVD-Ram
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    My AGP/Graphics has a preinstalled Airport Card port (like a PCMCIA port).
    Well anyway, yesterday I found an Airport Card listed on CL for $20.00 Card only.
    So what the hey, it's only $20 and I figured I'd find the drivers on line. Plugged the antena cable in, plugged the card in and to my joy it didn't need drivers. I tried to go on line and a popup came on telling no internet connection was available. And in my own words, ask if I wanted it to find out why. It located the Airport Card, then found my network and the rest is history.

    Sooooo, IMHO if it's at all possible go AirPort.

    BTW I use a Belkin router

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