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    Mac Mini - logic board?
    Hi recently bought a mac mini from ebay..

    The seller was adament that if there are any issues then I could return the machine..what a load of rubbish!

    Anyway, I filed a paypal claim as the mac mini is faulty and bizarly it has been closed in his favour.

    So now I am stuck with a mac that doesnt work and 185 out of pocket..

    Basically, the mac switches on and reads the leopard os disc ( i am installing the os), then all of a sudden while the installtion is going through the mac will switch off and I wont be able to switch it back on for a couple of days!
    To me this looks like an issue with overheating, once the system cools down it is able to switch on..I have checked the fan and it is working..

    Is there any thing wlse that I should be checking?
    The system is a mac mini 1.25ghz 1gb ram..

    Many thanks!

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    Your experience is one of the reasons I try to steer potential buyers away from eBay. In case you didn't know... eBay owns PayPal so guess who they will almost always decide for?

    It sounds like the Mini may have either a power supply problem or perhaps a defective or intermittent logic board. If it was overheating it shouldn't take several days to cool off. Unless you can do the repairs yourself you may be out the $255 you spent.


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    Agreed with Chscag. I am wondering if it's the Power Supply? I have had some on PC's that shut down like that and took a while before working again.

    Do you have a Digital Voltmeter? If you do, when it powers down and will not power on, check the power at the jack from the white power supply and see if there is any voltage.

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    Thanks for the reply, I will try the power supply first..
    I do think it's something to do with the logic board though..

    Is it worth fixing? Or shall I just buy a newer Intel version?

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    Good lick with that. I am 500quid out of pocket from a CD player from eBay that was the same and PayPal said send it back so I did. They then changed their minds and the guy refused to send it back.
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