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    G5 screen flickering red on & off

    My G5 screen started doing something really weird the other night in which the whole screen had a really strong contrast of red. It would differ from a weak shade to almost entirely red.

    Then to make things stranger it would flick back to normal however no red would be displayed, showing red as a dark grey almost black.

    Then back to the red contrast.

    I hope it's an easy fix.. i'm partially ok with taking the back off and playing with anything that may have come loose if that's the problem but i'm just wandering if anyone else has experienced this and if so - what the potential solution may be.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It may be a graphics card problem. Remove the back off the G5 and reseat the graphics card (remove it from the slot and push back in several times) to see if that clears it up. Let us know.


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    lol... I got desperate and looked at my software updates. There was an update for OSX. I downloaded it and now everything is peachy.

    Strange strange indeed. Thanks anyway for your help man.

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