I have a QNAP 209 NAS and I am not really satisfied with it. I use it mainly as: a backup for my main computers, a Media server for music and videos and a storage drive for photos and videos ( I edit my photos off the NAS rather than the main PC hard drives).

The NAS has a weak CPU and has two 1TB HDDs running in Raid 1 (mirror). The problems I have are:

1. The network performance seems really weak when streaming videos from the NAS to my PS3 (often I get Media Server errors and long pauses in middle of the film).

2. Copying files from NAS to PC seems to perform slowly 2mb/sec even on a Gigabit network

3. The media Server (twonky) is an old version and cannot be upgraded

So I was wondering if I could use a Mini mac as a media server? Would it perform better a my NAS and a network media server and as a bit torrent download station?

Could a mini mac backup from a PC drive on a scheduled basis?

How many drives and how much space can a mini-mac manage it it were to serve as a network server?