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Thread: International "Power" Issues, Mac Dual G5 2.7 (3 GB SDDRAM)

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    International "Power" Issues, Mac Dual G5 2.7 (3 GB SDDRAM)
    Hey Mac Forum Users, was wondering if you could help me out... This issue is driving me nuts!

    I recently moved out of the US and took my Mac Dual G5 2.7 (3 GB SDDRAM) with me. Instead of 110v, I now live in a country with 220v and am afraid of plugging my mac in as information I have found on the matter varies depending on the source.
    I've been reading online and found out that some Mac Pro's come with a switch that changes the voltage and others do it automatic, I also heard that some US Mac Models only work with 110 and an external transformer has to be used...

    How can I know what type of Mac I have and what I should do? The bottom of my mac says is power specs are: 100120v/200240v6.5A/3.5 A 50-60hZ and I really don't know how to read this or what it means.

    Can Anyone help?

    Also, if it turned out I need a transformer, what capacity should an external transformer have? (Again online information varies quite a bit as some have a max. voltage use of 450 and others a bit over 600w...)

    Many Thanks!

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    you will be ok
    the psu in the mac is an auto adjusting psu that handle 110 and 220

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