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    iMac G5 looses internet connection.

    I have a iMac G5 with a wireless airport extream card and for some resone it seems to loose internet connection after i go on certain sites. 2 of them are and its really stange it still have full signal but after going on those sites it loose connection and i have to restart it to get the connection back. The really wird thing is that I have a ibook g4 also with a airport card on the same network and that is find goning on those sites and never looses internet connection. What could this be anyone had simmilar problems. I'm thinking it could be Nortons firewall but i disabled that and it still happens.



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    If you have a loose connection you should simply tighten it up.

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    Bit difficult to check antenna leads on an iMac alas, however what does Apple System Profiler say about Airport when you go to these sites, and if you use an Ethernet cable can you connect to these sites?

    And for goodness sake get everything Norton's off your computer and leave Firewall off unless you are using public networks at internet cafes etc which is doubtful with an iMac.
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