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    My PowerMac G4 won't start
    I have an old Power Mac G4 from the office at home and one morning it just didn't start up. The power indicator illumiates when pressed but it doesn't start up and it doesn't make any noises at all. I have replaced the Lithium battery and I've unplugged it for the weekend before trying again but date everything has failed. Does anyone have any suggestions that could help?

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    Here's an old thread you can read. Link

    Final conclusion, however, was that the logic board went out. If that's what is wrong with yours, it may not be worthwhile to repair unless you can find one on eBay and change it out yourself.


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    The old thread you found describes my problem to a tee. I just hope my end result isn't a hefty bill. Thanks for the information.

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    If your G4 just ahppens to be a MDD, your post and avatar does not ay which makes it a bit harder, first up replace the PRAM battery as often the battery failing presents these non start problems. Also it can happen a faulty memory module can present these problems.

    Have a look at this link:-

    Re: MDD startup problem and solution, and a question.

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    This may or may not apply to the OP, When I got my Power Mac G4 form the college all the internal components except for the logic board, and cpu where gone from the system.

    After I replaced all required missing components (video card, memory) I tried turning it on and I had the same issue as you, Nothing happened.
    I thought well the board is bad and thats why they got ride of it. While i had it open I noticed a little button next to the PRAM battery, I did quite a few combitnations of it, held it, removed the batt, tried again. After 4 or 5 tries it came to life.

    I had some minor isses every now and then with it not starting but for some reason when I hit that button and the hit the power button again, it comes back to life.

    IDK if that helps you or not, but you can give it a try.

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