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    Question 20" imac compared to 24" imac
    I would like to purchase an imac to use in my kitchen as a computer and television (hooked up to cable with an elgato hybrid tv tuner). I am having trouble deciding what size to purchase. Will the 24" be too large for regular computer usage (i.e. reading the newpaper online)? Will the glare from the large screen strain my eyes?
    How practical is is to use your computer as a television? I will be viewing the computer when I use it as a TV from about 10-15 feet away?

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    I'm not sure why you think a larger screen would be worse. It ought to be better in every way except that it'll take up more counter space and it'll cost more.

    For use as a TV from 10-15 feet away, 24" isn't considered nearly large enough, but that's assuming you're sitting down and watching TV. If you just want to have it available in the kitchen to glance at now and then, you don't need as big a screen.

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    I am using a iMAC 24". The screen is great. Some people think the glare (glossy surface) is bothering but for me is just fine. I use my iMAC for lots of photo editing and design so I need to sit in front of it whole day. The bigger is the best. I also use it to watch dl/ streaming video/DVD. The high resolution (1920X1200 pixels) screen make it a HDTV. Cool! I never regret to get the 24".
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    Thanks for your input.

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    my macbook screen is only 13.3" it's sad.
    especially when watching movies.
    bigger is DEFIANTLY better.
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    The viewing angle on the 24" is vastly superior to the 20". That alone makes it worth it, especially if you're going to be watching movies, etc. The 20" shifts colors badly due to the cheaper LCD panel. Go with the 24" for sure!
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